Greenfinch Guardians provide guardianship services to students in the UK and educational advice and support to those wanting to come to study in the UK.

Greenfinch Guardians:

  • maintain a communication link between the School and parents or agents
  • authorise parental consent to allow students to leave the School Campus;
  • ensure immediate communication between student and school;
  • provide welfare support to students;
  • offer advice and guidance to students to assist their personal development, ¬†their studies and their future progression to university.

Other Services

On request, a number of extra services can be provided. These include:

  • assistance with visa applications;
  • advice and assistance with applications for short courses, summers schools, Open days and educational events;
  • travel advice within the UK, Europe or further afield;
  • home stay or overnight accommodation;
  • airport transfers.

For further details, please Contact Us